Actor Focus: Lee Jin-wook

So I’m totally having a Lee Jin-wook day.  What does that mean exactly?  It might mean what you think, in that I’m looking at pictures of him, I’m watching clips of his dramas, I’m starting a drama he was in.  In other words, I’m totally fangirling over him.  Every now and then, I have these weak moments of spazzing over the inhabitants of Dramaland, and any time I see Lee Jin-wook, I allow myself to spaz for at least three days.

Why, you might ask?  Um, let’s see…. Continue reading

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My Girl Review

MY GIRL Review

my girl

Basic plot:  Seol Gong-chan is a chaebol whose ailing grandfather’s dying wish is to meet his long-lost granddaughter who may or may not be alive.  This granddaughter was lost in an earthquake and has never been heard of since then.  An unsuccessful and desperate Gong-chan enlists the help of Joo Yoo-rin, accomplished liar and scrappy poor girl, to pretend to be the granddaughter, his cousin.  While parading around as the granddaughter, Yoo-rin starts to fall for Gong-chan (of course) while fighting hard to find the line between lying and honesty. Continue reading

Impressions of 2013 So Far!

Wow, it’s been a while.  I was on a drama hiatus.  Feeling the winter blues.  But I’ve been watching some new dramas, and I feel inspired again.  So here goes!

1.  Level 7 Civil Servant (MBC)

So at this point, I’m six episodes in, and I’m enjoying it for what it is:  a rom-com that can be sweet and funny and infuriating all in one.  The most important thing about this drama is that it gets better with each week.  I know the first week was a bit ho-hum and underwhelming, but the show’s improvement keeps me tuned in.  Not only is the show improving, the characters are also developing.  There may be some weird plot things going on, but in a rom-com, I brush that aside as long as I feel for the main couple and root for them.  Joo Won is doing a good job with the physical comedy and balancing his character’s moods.  Continue reading

New Dramas in 2013!

2012 was a really good year for dramas.  There was a lot of variety, and I picked up a few new favorite actors along the way.  When I look back on the year, a few dramas certainly stand out to me, and that hasn’t happened before.  I loved the energy the dramas brought and the stories they told.  Now that we’re in the new year, I’m hoping 2013 will bring even more awesomeness.  Here are the dramas I am looking forward to in the new year:

1.  Level 7 Civil Servant (MBC), starring Joo-won (YES!) and Choi Kang-hee

It’s an adaptation of the movie of the same name that starred Kang Ji-hwan and Kim Ha-neul in 2009.  I enjoyed the offbeat storyline of two secret agent spies who used to date and the chemistry between the actors, and I’m guessing I will also enjoy those things again in the drama.  I loved Kang Ji-hwan in the movie, and the idea of Joo-won filling his role excites me.  Joo-won was a revelation for me this year.  In Gaksital, he kind of blew me away with his performance, so while watching Gaksital, I viewed his other dramas as well, and doing that turned me into a fangirl again.  I just love that guy.  He’s an adorable baby, as anyone watching 1 Night 2 Days should know, but his intensity when acting is VERY attractive.  Seeing him here in this teaser for this rom-com makes me hopeful that he can transition well into that genre, since we know it takes special talent to be comedic.

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Spring Waltz Review


spring waltz

KBS 2006

Starring:  Seo Do-young, Han Hyo-joo, Daniel Henney, Lee So-yeon

This was the drama that initially started my interest of in Korean dramas.  I watched it back in 2006, and I was taken away by it.  I never thought of myself as the girl who spent countless hours watching dramas, but I stayed up to watch Spring Waltz, which is part of the Season series (others include Autumn Love Story, Winter Sonata, and Summer Scent, none of which I’ve seen in their entirety).

Basic plot:  Eun-young and Su-ho grow up together on Jeju Island, both raised by single parents and both living poor lives.  Eun-young has a heart condition that requires surgery, so her mother struggles to make money for it.  Su-ho’s father is constantly on the run and in debt, much to Su-ho’s dismay and temperament.  Because of their differences and similarities, the two children become friends whose connection seems to extend far past mere friendship.  However, tragedy strikes (as it should in melodramas).  Eun-young’s mother dies, and to put the sad cherry on top of a sad sundae, Su-ho’s father steals the money for Eun-young’s surgery and leaves Su-ho.  The two kids are left alone, and when Eun-young needs the surgery, Su-ho takes it upon himself to take responsibility.  At the hospital, a couple mourning the death of their young son meet Su-ho, who happens to look just like their deceased son (it was FATE!).  The father offers to pay for Eun-young’s surgery if Su-ho will take the place of their son to ease the mother’s pain.  Continue reading

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Coffee House Review

Alright, first review!  Coffee House happens to be one of my favorite dramas ever, and I think it is underrated so I decided to put up this review.  I’ll describe my process of writing these reviews.  I don’t practice review techniques, so whatever I say about a drama comes purely from my gut and my opinions.  I’m writing as a fan, not to get paid for it.  Don’t take my reviews seriously!  I rate dramas out of 10, and I do go with the .5 system even though that might be counteractive.  The way I see it, two dramas may be an 8 in production value, but I will like one better than the other.  That .5 actually represents my preference.  There are spoilers in these reviews.  I somehow can’t find a way to write about something without referencing the things that happen in the drama.  You’ve been warned, so beware and enjoy!


coffee house

SBS. 2010

Starring Kang Ji-hwan, Park Si-yeon, Ham Eun-jung, and Jung Woong-in

Basic plot:  Popular author, Lee Jin Soo, hires an incompetent secretary in Kang Seung Yeon, a 25-year-old barista who is determined to become a “pro” in life, while balancing his sometimes-professional relationship with his publisher and longtime friend, Seo Eun Young, and her ex-fiancee, Han Ji Won.

This is the one drama that I finished quicker than any other.  I think I watched this drama in two days, and I regret that only because my experience with this drama didn’t span a few days more.  To put it simply, this drama is love to me.  But I’m not so simple so here I go:  I absolutely love Kang Ji Hwan.  I loved his zany character, so different from other male leads.  Jin Soo is completely crazy and whacko.  He has issues, and instead of dealing with them, he suppresses them by acting out and torturing his secretary and sunbae.  Continue reading

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